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Is Selling Your Home When it’s Up-Side-Down the Right Thing To Do!?

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I have addressed this question so many times lately it’s become my pet peeve. When I read questions like this it raises the hair on the back of my neck so get ready for my rant.

If you like, or more importantly love, your home and can afford it without any undue financial strain or trauma you should belly up to the bar and follow through with your contractual commitment. My home of 30 years is just that.

My Home!!



Beautiful Plumaria 


Vegetable Garden



  Lush Landscape 


spectacular views


Well, now 30 years later it’s all paid off and we have finally ended up with what our neighbors call the nicest landscape in our neighborhood. 

In 1993 we had a fire that almost destroyed half of our home. But with a little help from our insurance policy and my being a general contractor we were able to rebuild and add an additional 2600sf  which netted an additional 2 bedrooms and another bath along with a nice sized family/bounus room and a downstairs wine tasting room and modest wine cellar.


  So…..What’s with using your home as an ATM

MACHINE mentality all about? Was it the lenders fault

that you needed that new

BENZ   or boat  

or you just had to have that life long dream. 

A Harley! Or…………. was it the must have Rolex Watches, Exotic Jewelry, Custom made furniture, or…….


….just Wanton, Impulsive, Pretentious, Ostentatious  

Conspicuous Consumption?

In the past 3 years we”ve lost over 50% of what our home appraised for in 2005 and I’m way underwater. But ask me if I care. I love my home and would never walk away from it as long as I can comfortably afford it and have the physical capacity to manage it. Too many homeowners are cutting and running today when they really don’t need to just because their neighbor is. You knew what you were getting into when you signed up for it or you should have. Let’s stop the bleeding and be accountable for our actions and commitments.

If, however, you have lost your job, become infirmed, divorced or have some other legitimate hardship that’s a different story. Folks go bankrupt everyday with these types of hardships in order to start a new life. But far too many homeowners are just looking for or creating convenient hardships or rationalizations in their own minds for backing out of their responsibilities and…………………………

just jumping on the jump off bandwagon.

If we as responsible American citizens, neighbors and parents don’t make an effort to bring about an end to this bloodletting and hysterical madness we’ll bring our whole economy to its knees and won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves. 

We have blamed the banks, lenders and Barney Frank’s “Every American Family Should Own A Home” campaign for getting us into this mess by selling us bogus loans  that would end up impossible to pay. In reality we had to be at the age of majority when we signed that purchase agreement.

Sure, I’ll buy into the naive and ignorant victim BS that’s so loosely being thrown around by millions of underwater homeowners and homeowner special interest and advocacy groups

But where does the buck stop?
 When do we begin to stand up to our responsibilities? If you just purchased a HOME to use as a $CASH REGISTER$ to turn and burn instead of $$Buy and hold$$ for you and your children’s future then you might as well just skip over this post because you won’t even be able to relate to the essence of this message.


BUT…….If you really enjoy your home and want to raise your family in it, get to know and love your neighbors and feel what a real community is all about then I say SUCK IT UP & PAY YOUR DAMN MORTGAGE!!

If you’re able to comfortably make your mortgage payment go buy a few one gallon plants and trees, grow a vegetable garden and begin to love, appreciate and enjoy the wonderful gift you have…………………………………………



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 Quality of Life Encinitas, CA vs. Lahaina, HA

CLIMATE  Lahaina Encinitas United States
Rainfall (in.) 14.6 15.6 36.5
Snowfall (in.) 0 0 25
Precipitation Days 33 44 100
Sunny Days 281 263 205
Avg. July High 87 88 86.5
Avg. Jan. Low 63.3 37.7 20.5
Comfort Index (higher=better) 53 46 44
UV Index 9.9 5.9 4.3
Elevation ft. 46 205 1,060

Nine Good Reasons To Live In Encinitas, CA vs.Lahaina, Ha

My lovely bride of 35 years, Janis and I,  spent 10 beautiful days in Lahaina this past December. When we left Encinitas it was 69f with 2 to 4 foot nicely shaped waves and when we arrived in Hawaii it was 8Of and pretty FLAT!  Not to mention very crowded.

According to http://weather.org/weatherorg_records_and_averages.htm On December 11, the day we departed HA, for San Diego, it was 77f and rainy with 2 to 3 foot very poorly shaped waves and when we returned to Encinitas it was 66f and sunny with 3 to 4 foot great waves.

Albeit the water temperatue was about 12 degrees cooler back home in Leucadia, wetsuits do make the difference. Additionally, when you adjust for humidity you couldn’t tell the difference in the ambient temperatures.

Going on vacation is absolutely fun, relaxing and enjoyable. But how many places in the world can you live where you return home to a pertetual vacation. You just can’t beat the climate in

“America’s Finest City”

Overall Southern California has the best climate in the USA. But even better is the North San Diego Coastline.

View Poll Results: Where is the best climate?
Southern California (Mediterrianian) 71 40.57%
Texas (4 defined seasons) 9 5.14%
Arizona (Hot summers) 12 6.86%
Pacific Northwest (Warm summers, rainy winters) 19 10.86%
Central Plains (Highly variable and seasonal) 5 2.86%
Great Lakes (Lots of snow) 16 9.14%
North East (Variable, with some strong storms) 21 12.00%
Mid-Atlantic (Humid summers, mild winters) 28 16.00%
Gulf Coast (Hot and Humid, Prone to Hurricanes) 14 8.00%
Hawaii (Steady year round) 27 15.43%
Alaska (Cold and snowy) 3 1.71%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 175. You may not vote on this poll

To Sum It Up?

“According to data compiled by Standard & Poor’s for the Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, real estate prices nation-wide continued to fall in 2010, dropping another 4.1%.”

“By contrast, San Diego real estate prices rose by 2.6% during that same period. According to their data the only other major city in the U.S. to see an increase in median home prices during 2010 was Washington D.C.”

Additionally, Real Estate Investors from around the World continue to choose San Diego for its undisputed year around “Mediterranean Climate” and its Multi-Cultural Mixed Bag of Recreational and Social activities .

Be it the downtown “Gaslamp” city lifestyle to surfing, diving, fishing on the beach, or hiking and bicycling through the desert, or mountains whether man-made or wild & natural, it’s all here. You can vacation in San Diego 24/7 365.

Hawaii? No Leucadia!

Hawaii? No Vista, CA

Hawaii? No Blooming Plumeria On the North County Coast!!

If you’re a Real Estate investor looking for one of the best buying opportunities to come about in several years be it a high end totally refurberished estate to choose as your primary residence, a totally re-habbed distressed property rental investment, a Manufactured Home or Manufactured Home Park or a just a second home to enjoyn while visiting make the North County Coastline your choice.

Surf’s Up!

Come Join Us!

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Baby Boomers Real Estate Information, How Baby Boomers Are  afecting Real Estate.

Baby Boomers Affecting Real Estate Market San Diego.

Are “Baby Boomers” Still Viable Candidates For Home Ownership? Or Will They Be Just As Happy To Become Renters?

10,000 Baby Boomers will be hitting retirement age everyday for the next 15 to 20 years. Many if not most, and I am one of them, currently own large 3 to 5 bdm homes with big yards and lots of ongoing maintenance issues. They’re now starting to downsize by the thousands. Anybody have a crystal ball? What do you think all these folks will do for housing for the rest of their lives? I’ve got my thought but I’d like to get your’s before I share mine.

Baby Boomers Real Estate Information, Baby Boomers Affecting San Diego

Senior Living Along The North San Diego County Coast


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